CLICK HERE for more info on Neon Rebel and the development

Neon Rebel is in its early stages of development. The focus of Neon Rebel is to have a beautiful, thriving virtual economy that is 100% procedurally generated. Personally, I hate when adventures come to an end! Neon Rebel will focus on giving the player a new experience with every new start that will provide a procedurally generated storyline to follow…. or not if you don’t want. You could just go out on your own and, start a new gang of hoodlums to perform stickups with, or maybe even plan a heist. Or you could just be some joe schmoe that works at an office. Honestly, you can do whatever the f*&k you want I just want you to play it! But you can’t yet. So yeah, there’s that.

HAVE YOU EVER STAYED UP ALL NIGHT LOOKING AT CYBERPUNK PIXEL ART? Ok you probably haven’t but I have and you should, it’s really beautiful. No really, open two new tabs right now and turn on a synthwave mix on YouTube and look up some Cyberpunk Pixel Art. That is neon rebel. I want to really bring that art style to life in 3D because all jokes aside, I do greatly enjoy it, and also NO IT’S NOT LIKE FREAKING MINECRAFT it’s like friggin doom or nukem or other manly as hell games. It won’t be a voxel based game at all. I’m not just using some silly pixels to influence the artistic path here, no. What do you think I am a one trick pony? I’m talking bladerunner, I’m talking Ghost in the Shell (the good one (you know which one i’m talkin bout if you are old as hell like me)), Akira, all that sexiness I really want to encapsulate in this game. This game is NOT influenced by cyberpunk 2077 mainly because it hasn’t come out yet, and will most likely be 3000 times better than this game. EVEN THOUGH I’ve been slowly working on technology to develop this game for like EVER… stole my friggin idea(half joking).

Anyway, enough with my undying charm and wit, follow me on twitter @RadgeGaming or subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see with your sexy eyeballs things being codified and designerooed. Those are real Pro game dev terms, it’s okay, we’ll get to know each other and I’ll teach you what it is really like in da biz yo.

Here is the first Vid of the devlog That goes a little more in depth

CLICK HERE for more info on Neon Rebel and the development